Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Light Warriors - Time Machine - [5]

He walked down to the armory. The stone staircase went very far down. Two guards stood there. He presented his clearing card and the guards let him in. He walked through the rows of weapons and moved on to the shelves of armor. He chose two arm guards and what looked like a thick, grey, bulletproof vest with silver wings.  He also took some boots that looked really good with the vest and the light helmet he was wearing. The boots had a wire that fit into his arm guard. He then noticed that his arm guard had a button attached onto it. He pressed the button, and he started to float. He looked at the boots.

He then noticed they were rocket boots. Then, he bumped his head on the ceiling. He pressed the button and fell to the floor and landed on his butt. He moved on and took some bulletproof jeans, a dagger, and a small Glock-17 pistol, and headed out. He went into his house on . A day earlier, he had got his mansion, which he had inherited from his father. He didn't think of it as his house, because it was a crazy idea, having a home  in the massive underground city. But for now, he had to report to the 7th war squad, the unit that he had been assigned to. Most of the people knew who he was, him being the son of one of one of the light warriors. But he didn't know them. He walked into the training building. He lined up with the rest of the squad. A woman wearing silver walked in front of the squad. She started to speak.

"My name is Althalgia, and I will be leading the squad today."  She paused, looked around, and continued.  "We will be going on  an operation to track down the thugs who are mining the planet's core. This planet is nearly depleted of resources, and if these people keep mining the core, the planet could implode.  This is an important mission. If we fail, the planet could be destroyed, and the human race would be no more. The survivors would have to find another habitable planet, and the nearest one, which is Lexilus 72-C, is more than a million light years away. And even if they got there, they would have to battle countless creatures that have already made their home there. So we must not fail."

And with that, they set off. They moved away from the city until they found a cave. They went in, leaving three men to stand guard outside the entrance. They moved quietly, and as they went deeper, they heard clanging noises and grunting. They turned a corner and saw a massive ball or rock and light, and men mining it with drills and machines. Two men saw them and pointed their guns at them.
"Halt!" one of them said.

Xtremeo whipped out his pistol and fired at one of the men, and one of the other squad members shot the other one. The other miners in the cave all pulled out weapons and aimed them. The squad retaliated by pulling out their weapons. The men fired, just as the squad pressed the triggers on their guns.  The squad kept on moving, getting out of the way of the bullets, but the miners just stayed where they were, like they wanted to die.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw one man planting an explosive on the core. Before anyone could do anything, he pressed the button. The core blinked yellow and then red. Xtremeo yelled out and pointed. The squad all ran out of the cave.

They rushed to the city, a ball of fire following them. More and more people followed. Xtremeo ran as fast as he could. Then, a voice said "Use the boots." He understood and pressed the button to activate the rocket boots. He zoomed into the air and met the Juggernaut in the sky. Immediately, the Juggernaut pressed a small, metal box with a red button into his hands. The Juggernaut said, "This is a last resort device to save humanity. Once you press that button, none of this will have happened. Once you are there, look for Atomo, Seebercon, Ionator, Electro, and me. Go. Press the button."

So he pressed it. And the world went dark.


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