Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Light Warriors - (7) - Battle of the ancient woods

A bullet whizzed by. Atomo dodged and squeezed off two shots. He had no way of knowing if any of them had hit. A cry of pain and rage sounded from behind them. Good, so he had hit something. Something whizzed by his left ear. He kept running. He heard a bang noise, and instinctively rolled behind a large rock that stuck out of the ground like a knife. He glimpsed a bullet whizzing by and was glad that he hid behind cover. He saw Xtremeo knock a gun out of an opponent's hand and sweep his sword in a wide arc, cleaving his opponent's gun hand in two. The man screamed and Xtremeo spun and his mud stained boot hit the man's face hard. The man collapsed, and Xtremeo deflected a bullet away with his golden sword. Where and how Xtremeo was trained, Atomo didn't know, but he was good.

Atomo saw a figure rushing him with a dagger of some sort. He squeezed the trigger of his gun, but only heard a soft clicking noise. Damn. The man's knuckles slammed into his jaw with the force of a meteor. A second later, the gun was knocked from his hands. His vision was dimming. "No," he told himself. His eyes snapped open and saw his opponent staring into his eyes. Atomo bit his enemy on the nose. His opponent's eyes widened, and the man fell. Atomo got up and brought his pellet gun from his bag. It was a good thing that it was the pellet gun that he brought and not one of those stupid water pistols.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Seebercon fending off an enemy with two pistols. He must have snagged a gun from his opponent, because Atomo was sure that Seebercon hadn't had two guns to begin with. His enemy was using some sort of rock as a shield, and held an semi-automatic in the other. Atomo snagged the  dagger from his opponent. It looked like a pretty cool dagger. For some reason, it was still in some sort of a sheath. He unsheathed it, and a gleaming silver blade with a hilt of ruby met his eyes. It looked pretty cool, but he had no time to waste. He threw it as hard as he could, and it soared through the air. But instead of impaling itself in Seebercon's opponent's skull, it just bounced lazily off his head with a dull thunk. He fired off a round of pellets, and each of them hit it's mark. Smoke curled off the barrel of his pistol. His target turned towards him and closed his eyes. "What the hell?" said Seebercon.

Suddenly, the man was floating upside down. No, wait, he was walking upside down. Suddenly, he shifted again, and he was on the ground in front of Xtremeo. Xtremeo slashed out with his swords, but the man shifted his gravity again and floated upwards. The man pressed a button on his arm, and suddenly his boots had flames coming out of the bottom of them. Rocket boots. Atomo had to admit that this he was a little jealous. 

The man pointed his gun to the ground and started firing. "Aw, hell," Xtremeo managed to say before the bullets spat rapidly from the gun. Atomo let loose another round of pellets and all of them hit their mark. However, although blood stained the man's clothes, he didn't seem hurt. He shifted his aim, and suddenly he was firing at Atomo. A bullet slammed into the floating man's shoulder and he roared in pain. The steady stream of bullets coming from the man's gun cut off. So he could be hurt, Atomo thought. 

Xtremeo was carrying twin pistols, both shining in the moonlight. The floating guy turned towards them. Burning hatred shone clearly in his coal black eyes, and underneath that there was a controlled wariness. He sneered, and turned towards Xtremeo and Atomo, silently asking them to make the first move. 

But the man had forgotten about Seebercon. A silver blade that was glowing green impaled itself in the floating man's skull. His eyes widened in shock, and he went slack. His corpse hung in mid-air, suspended by the rocket boots. Suddenly, Atomo heard a rumbling sound. A tank!

Atomo unleashed hell with his pellet gun, but he didn't even make a dent. A muffled voice from inside said "My turn." A blast fired from the main cannon of the tank, and the three boys were blasted back. Seebercon tried to fire, but some sort of blue beam caught him in the chest, and he fell, unconscious. Xtremeo charged, and at the last second he twisted up and stabbed downwards with that midnight black blade of his. It cleaved through the shell like butter. "Yes!" Atomo thought to himself "We might actually win this!" Then, the latch opened, and a fist wearing a black gauntlet punched him off the tank with a loud thunk. Atomo charged. He picked up a cannon from the ground as he passed and let loose a missile. A cloud of smoke covered the tank, and when it cleared, the tank was in perfect condition, apart from that scar that Xtremeo had left there. Atomo blinked. A blast swept him off his feet, and the last thing he remembered before blacking out was seeing the latch slowly open.


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