Sunday, May 24, 2015

Light Warriors- Stories - [4]

When he came to, he was sitting in a damp, dark, metal room. There was nothing there except for a ceiling, walls, a floor, and a door. He felt around in his pockets. His heart sank. Oblivion wasn't there anymore. However, his mother's collection of jewels and his father's equipment were still in his bag. He took out the jewel necklace and looked at it.

For the first time, he wished he had a name.

He wished he had one. Apparently, his parents never had time to give him a name. He had always wanted one, he really did.

There was nothing in there that could help him to break out. Then, he felt his fingers close on something hard, cold and metal. As soon as he touched it,  light burst out of his bag like there was an explosion. He instantly knew what it was. He pulled it out and willed it into a sword. He plunged his sword into the wall and it cleaved through like it was butter."Honestly," he thought to himself as he walked out of the new hole in the wall, "What kind of stupid prison doesn't take your things away?" He then remembered that some of his gear, like the pickax and Oblivion, was missing. Thinking about it...  He had to get Oblivion and get out of there. He didn't know why he valued getting the sword, but some part of him was telling him to go for it. He saw a guard ahead. He remembered the fighting lessons he had had with his father, and leapt silently onto the guard, and put one hand over his mouth and stabbed him in the leg. The guard fainted and he took the guard's map of the prison. Reading the map and memorizing it, he headed towards the room where he was sure his equipment was in. The good news was there was only one guard  in front of the door. The bad news was that the guard saw him. The guard yelled and charged with his electric sabre.  The guard swung but it never made contact. He parried with morning star  and kicked the guard in the head. The guard went rigid, and fell flat on  his face. He charged into the room and grabbed Oblivion off of a shelf. He looked around and was tempted to take some of the weapons there. He shook the feeling off and ran out of the room. He charged straight out the door labelled "exit" and froze. This wasn't the exit! He looked around at his surroundings. There was a desk and two chairs and a suit of armor. A suit of armor pointing a gun right at his face. "Don't Move..." the suit of armor said. With a jolt he realized that there was someone inside the suit of armor. "Get in the chair." the suit of armor said. Slowly he moved into the chair. The suit of armor got into the other chair. The suit of armor spoke again:

"Okay.. let's start with the basics. Why are you here? And how did you break out?"

"Let me ask you a question. Who are you?

"You can call me the Juggernaut."

"Uhh.. Okay..."

Something about this man made him feel calmer.

"You still haven't answered my questions."

"Okay then.. I walked into this city of yours. Then, I get knocked out, and then I wake up in a jail cell. You guys forget to take away my sword, so I cut through the wall and escape."

"The sword you have in your hand?

"Uh, yeah."

"May I have a look at it?"

Reluctantly he handed it over.  "Really," he said to the Juggernaut, "Who are you?"

The Juggernaut sighed. It's a long story.

"It began on a ordinary day. People were going to work, driving their cars-"

"Wait... What are cars?"

"Ah.. Yes.. You weren't born back then. Cars were modes of transport. Anyways, one man just decided that the laws couldn't control him. Why couldn't he just do what he wanted? So he gathered up followers - and he attacked the government. He won. He declared himself dictator and removed all the laws. At first people were content. But then he showed his true colours.  He made up his own laws. His officials and guards were corrupt. In the end there was a rebellion. It escalated. It became a full scale war. Humanity was on the verge of destroying itself. Then, to end the war, the rebels blew up the sun. Only one in every ten survived. Me and a few others were off-world at the time. We came back to see our planet, Earth, obliterated. We moved to another habitable planet, called Kepler 186f. But when we got there, we saw signs of intelligent life.  Eventually, we saw them. The enemy. But it turned out that they got to us first. When we got back, we found our families all dead. We took a vow to get revenge. We pushed all of our tech to the limit. we discovered the wonders that humans and technology together could do. We fought back. But we didn't see the dictator anywhere. After about a hundred long, hard years, we finally drove them back. But then he returned. The dictator. But when he returned, he was only half a man. He was a skeleton.  He found a way to to keep his consciousness as a skeleton. Most of his flesh had seared away, revealing shiny burn marks on his bones. He doesn't feel pain, he can regrow his bones, and he is a demon with a scythe. But he hasn't made an appearance for years. But he still murders. Recently though, we received information about two skeletons in two separate places. With clear video evidence too. We know that the skeleton king - the dictator - Has made an appearance. But we have no idea who the other skeleton is. Our legends speak of an evil so powerful that once in a million years, it murders half of all the life in the universe. And If these legends are correct, the evil spirit should have started killing by now. You asked who I am. I am a rebel, a warrior, and a leader. I am the founder of the four light warriors. You see this suit of armor. It is of my own design. But I took an oath to avenge humanity, to slay the skeleton king. All four of us did. And I won't stop until he's dead. As for you, you don't have a name. I know you. You are one of the children who were at the camp the night it was attacked on Kepler 186f. They wiped your memory and modified it. You were the child of my best friend. His name was Commander Pulse. At least, that was his code name. He died fending off the monsters. You have no memories of him, only of a fake father and a fake family. Your code name is Xtremeo. I knew you were his son the moment you walked in. You look like a clone of your father. You also somehow inherited his swords. He preferred swords to guns. Easier to use, more deadly at close range, and the special properties of the swords."

"Special properties?"

"They had powers. Oblivion could conjure very, very small black holes, and also add to your strength. Morning star would heal your wounds and give you resistance to bullets and sword strikes."

He looked at his swords. Nothing especially special..

The Juggernaut continued. "I built this city myself, to try to recreate humanity. Most of the people here are robots, only one in a thousand are humans. Our numbers are thinner than ever, but with recent tech, we can live nearly forever, we have enhanced strength, speed, and agility, and we definitely know how to stay alive.  But beyond this city, there are many unspoken horrors. And now the skeleton has reappeared. It is all out war. We fight to preserve life, to keep some sort of life in the universe. He fights to destroy it."

"So where do I come in?"

The Juggernaut  replied "Ever been in battle?"

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