Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Light Warriors - Morning Star - [3]

Climbing into the dark chamber, down the bare iron ladder, he kept going down and down until the darkness swallowed him. He looked down, wondering if this tunnel had an end. And there he saw it. The glowing light shone, at the end  of the ladder. But it seemed to have an eerie glow to it. His brain split into two parts. Half of it wanted to see what was making it glow. The other part wanted to run away and hide. Both screamed at him and made his head hurt. Instinctively, he pulled out his gun. Slowly he descended down towards the glow.

The glow wasn't a normal glow, but it was more of a frog green glow. He aimed the gun down. It seemed to take forever, but eventually he made it down. The half of his brain that wanted to run away started screaming even louder. He looked around for the source of the glow, but the brilliant light seemed to appear out of nowhere. He heard a clacking noise behind him. He turned quickly, and saw a thing of impossibility. A living skeleton, wielding a scythe and wearing a dark brown cloak. The cloak was still totally smooth, even though it should have been creased. He took out the gun and, without thinking, fired. The ray that came out of the gun just dissipated as it touched the cloak of the monster. The skeleton took a step forward and he took a step back, firing. This time, the skeleton took out his scythe and seemed to push at the air and the ray reversed, flying towards him. He dodged the ray and fired the gun again. The skeleton splayed his free hand and reversed the other ray, hitting the gun. The gun dissipated into steam and he dropped it in surprise. He gulped and took out the only method of defense he had left: The midnight black sword, Oblivion. He took it out of his belt and swung recklessly at the skeleton. The skeleton parried with the tip of his scythe with ease. The skeleton spun and brought the tip of the scythe down. He chopped at the scythe, hoping to block it. He managed to cut it in half, but that didn't stop the scythe from hitting his eye. He screamed a scream of pain and the skeleton screamed an inhuman scream of rage. Then the skeleton spoke. As he whispered, it sounded like a hundred voices were whispering at once. "I'm not done with you." Then, as quickly as he appeared, he vanished into thin air. 

Stunned by what had just happened, for about a minute he just stared. Then he realized there was something where the skeleton had vanished. A golden star, glowing not as the corridor was glowing, but with a warm, golden glow. He wondered if the star was really a star and not a bomb or a weapon in disguise. As soon as he thought that, it changed, and he was suddenly holding two swords, one golden and one midnight black. He stared at the golden sword in awe. It seemed to heal all the cuts and scrapes from the crash. But there was one scar that nothing could heal. The scar across his eye was still burning as if it were on fire. He then realized he could only see with one eye. He looked around, and nearly fainted. His other eye was lying in a mess on the ground. Ignoring the pain, he staggered through the dark, bare, metal corridor. No destination in mind, no end in sight, he ventured on and on and on and on. Still holding both swords, he held up the golden one for light. Then, he saw a wall, with a metal circle in the middle. In the middle of the circle was a slot that he could put his sword in. He stuck Oblivion inside but nothing happened.  So he stuck Morning Star inside, and surprisingly, it fit really easily. He took the sword out for more light again, but as soon as he did, the dead end opened up into a massive urban metropolis. Amazed at what he saw, he stepped inside. Humanity was supposed to be dying, but to discover a huge city here was just amazing.  He made the mistake of turning the golden sword - a sword called Morning Star, back into it's sheath mode, the mini golden star, and turning Oblivion back into a dagger. He put them into his sword scabbard, the one he had gotten from his father. 

Then the last thing he saw was a flash of grey, and everything went black.

To be continued...

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