Friday, November 14, 2014

Pizza Poem

Today, we had Pizza lunch. The pizza was really tasty. So tasty, I found a poem about it! *Ahem...

The Pizza Lament
Now I'm a pizza-driver
I drive them as a job 
What really pizzas me off
Is the pizza eating mob. 

The first one is the tourist 
A likely place to start 
He's the other side of woop-woop 
But his tips have got no heart 

Number two is little grandma 
And just to hassle me 
She'll ask," What's on all your pizzas, 
And which one's going free." 

Now because I drive at night, 
The light's not always great 
And a black cow is the one thing 
That at speed I really hate. 

'Cause it's anchors on and pray 
That you miss the bloomin' beast. 
(The pizza and the garlic bread's 
All over the front seat.) 

So I pick up all the pieces, 
And stuff 'em in the bag 
Nobody'll notice it 
Mark it 'discount' on the tag. 

And as for misty weather, 
You should try and drive through that,
Or stepping in a puddle, 
Or stepping on a cat.

And how about the spiders, 
Or the webs across my face, 
Or all those little swear words 
That I said at someone's place. 

Yes, I love driving pizzas, 
And getting soaking wet, 
But as I hear you laugh, 
The last laugh I'll have yet.

For when I came to work 
My false teeth were in my care, 
And somebody in Pizza-land, 
Has eaten them unaware.

-Kevin Greig

Well, hope you enjoyed this little poem! Please don't take any offence if you're a pizza driver, I didn't make this poem. The purpose of this post is to say thanks to my mom who bought me pizza lunch today.

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Buckeroomama said...

Aw, Josh --you're most welcome! I know how much you love pizza. :)