Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Light Warriors - [10] - Sorcery

Swish! Xtremeo sliced through the foliage with his blade. Atomo followed close behind. His arm started to feel tired. He drooped a little. He sheathed his blade.They had been searching for Seebercon for the whole day, and it was beginning to get dark, and his eyelids were drooping.

"I think we should set up camp for he night," he said.

The two boys immediately began hacking an area large enough to store their various supplies. There, they set up their tents, and went to sleep.


Seebercon opened his eyes. He was freezing cold. A corpse on the floor stared blank-eyed at the ceiling. He felt exhausted, but got up to his feet. He looked around for his knife. It was impaled in the corpse. Or at least it it was impaled in the corpse. The knife had shattered into a thousand icy shards.
Seebercon wanted to throw something. So he did. He picked up a small, thin storage box, and with all his might threw it against the wall. The box creaked as it shattered into a million wooden splinters.

Seebercon tried to calm himself down. He counted to ten. He took a deep breath and surveyed the room. Hey - what was that? He looked at what had been inside the storage box - a curved green weapon with a blade of emerald and a hilt of silver with leather as a grip. He picked it up, and it fit his hand perfectly like it had been made just for him. He found a sheath, which he hung by his trousers. He slipped the sword in, and surveyed the room, to see if there was anything else he had missed. He decided to take the icy spear that had somehow not yet melted. He thought about searching the corpse. Should he? He needed all the stuff he could get - it isn't very easy to survive without anything to use, and he knew that from experience. On the other hand, searching a corpse just seemed plain wrong.  He decided to leave the corpse where it was. It was starting to smell in there anyways.


Atomo couldn't sleep. He kept hearing phantoms. He would turn, but nobody would be there. He turned over on the plush sleeping mat he had bought in the village. It didn't seem as comfortable. He thought he heard footsteps. Shadows crept outside the tent. He felt his hands close around the penknife in his pocket. He turned. The shadows moved closer to the entrance of the tent. Atomo flicked open the penknife. His laser gun thingy was in his bag, which was conveniently outside. Just his luck that his best weapon was stuck outside the tent. He heard the zipper open, but only faintly. A hand grasped into the tent. Atomo didn't attack yet, but crouched and prepared to strike. The hand then shook and then exited the tent. Atomo frowned. Then he saw it. A snake! A surge of adrenaline rushed through him. He was about to teach the snake what poison really felt like when he thought of something. The tent was small. If he moved to attack the snake, the people outside would be able to see him move. He cursed quietly. He raised the knife to strike.


Xtremeo turned over.  He heard hushed voices speaking outside his tent.

"Do it or I will," whispered the first voice.

"Give me a good reason to," whispered the second.

"If you don't, the master will punish you," replied the first

Xtremeo heard a sigh, and he heard muffled footsteps. He quietly unsheathed his blade.
He heard the tent slowly slip open. He saw a hand grasping a dagger. That was all he needed to tell that the people outside were not Atomo or Seebercon. He raised Oblivion and prepared to strike.


Seebercon came upon a clearing. It had two tents, and at once he knew it was Xtremeo and Atomo. He then saw a man in a black leather jacket standing nearby. He looked more carefully. The man turned. Seebercon's eyes widened - for the man was his father. He shook his head. He knew there was some sorcery - this wasn't real. He steeled his nerves. He drew his new blade. The man smiled and pulled out a blade of his own. Seebercon took a step forward and readied himself. Then he charged.


The snake disappeared into shadows. Atomo stabbed the empty floor. The knife was then swallowed into the ground. Atomo cursed and dived out of the tent. He ripped open his bag and grabbed the laser gun. He swirled around and saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Without hesitation, he fired.


Xtremeo slashed downwards. But his blade simply passed right through. He slashed through the back door of the tent and exited. There was nobody there. He turned and slashed sideways with all his might.


Seebercon leapt forward and stabbed. The man smiled and disappeared. Seebercon gasped. He turned around in a circle, looking to see where he'd gone. He saw a blade coming down on him, and as quick as a flash he turned and slashed back.


Oblivion clashed against Seebercon's green blade, and a laser beam struck the blades in the middle. The trio's eyes widened in surprise at the people they had just tried to kill. Suddenly, a man with blue robes  appeared. He laughed a mocking laugh. Atomo raised his gun. Xtremeo readied his blade. Seebercon prepared for battle. A wooden staff with a encrusted with a blue gem appeared in the sorcerer's hand. The sorcerer smiled. He raised his staff, and the lightning spilled out of the black stormy clouds above...

To be continued.

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