Sunday, December 20, 2015

Light Warriors - (8) - Lord Magma

When Xtremeo woke, he was tied to a tree. Getting free wasn't hard - whoever had tied those knots was obviously an amateur. A sharp branch freed his legs whilst a slash with his teeth opened up the ropes on his hands. He had no weapons, and Atomo and Seebercon were nowhere to be seen. He reached around in his pockets for anything useful and found the star key chain that was his trusty blade, Morning Star. He pressed down on the lock and watched as it slowly grew into a golden double-edged sword with a familiar weight.  "Not that it'll do any good against that tank," thought Xtremeo.

He saw a glow that illuminated the dark forest. He checked the sky. It was was the dead of night. A pitch black sky hung in the air, no clouds, no moon, and no stars. He walked towards the bright glow. Two men sat around a small ring of tents, probably exchanging campfire stories. One of them held a machine gun loosely in his left hand. The first man had a scar over his eye and blond hair. The other one looked like a stereotypical evil movie villain - a man in a dark cloak with glowing red eyes that seemed filled with flames. His hood was up, so with only his eyes glowing his face seemed red.

Slowly he sneaked up on the first man. He grabbed a fistful of blond hair and swung that machine gun into the man's face. The man with the fiery eyes pulled down his cloak to reveal armor that may once have shone silver.

Xtremeo then saw the black dagger strapped to his belt - his other sword Oblivion. Suddenly, defying the laws of nature, the mans hands lit up in flames. In flames. Xtremeo blinked. Suddenly a wave of fire surged out of his body. Xtremeo brought up a massive slab of rock and ducked. The smoke blinded him. He heard the charging of feet and instinctively he raised his sword. He heard the clang of metal against metal. He forced his eyes open and swung blindly, not expecting to hit anything. He saw Morning Star scrape against the fire guy's armor plates. Xtremeo swept Morning Star up in a wide arc, and noticed something. Morning Star had a green button on it's hilt. Instinctively he pressed it and swept downwards followed by a feint and a strike. But his opponent was quick. He anticipated the feint and slashed upwards. Xtremeo noticed Morning Star emitting a kind of golden light, but he couldn't focus on that.

Suddenly, the flames around him dimmed and the grass flattened. His opponent roared and fired beams after beams of fire into Xtremeo's golden bubble shield.

"You think you can defeat me?" His opponent roared.

Xtremeo suddenly had an idea. He dived into the fire guy and sent him flying. Suddenly the green button stopped glowing and the bubble shield disappeared. Xtremeo swung up Morning Star in a deadly arc and lashed out with a kick. His opponent, caught by surprise, fell to the ground hollering. Xtremeo held his blade to his throat. 

`You think you can defeat me?" his opponent roared. 'You think you can defeat me? I am Lord Magma! I will crush your soul for this!" 

Lord Magma blasted himself off the ground with a jet of fire and unleashed a torrent of flames.
And then he dropped unconscious.

Xtremeo blinked. "What?"

Seebercon held a pistol with a smoking barrel. STUN MODE it said on the side. It had a red trigger and a glowing electric blue sphere at the top. Atomo walked into the clearing with a similar gun. Both of them looked tired, their clothes torn and muddy. Atomo tossed Xtremeo an identical pistol. Xtremeo tossed his old pistol into a stream and holstered Atomo's one.

"We found these in one of the tents," Atomo said.

"They shoot some sort of cool electric beam that can stun, kill, or melt," added Seebercon, "and there are a lot of other buttons we haven't figured out."

Xtremeo held the pistol in a two-handed grip and motioned them to come to the tent. There was a shape moving inside. Suddenly, the shape disappeared.


Suddenly, Atomo was grabbed from behind. Atomo slammed his gun into his attacker's head. There was a loud crack, and Atomo turned and fired. But there was nobody there.

"This is freaky." said Atomo

"Let's get outta here." Xtremeo agreed.

The three boys ran towards a nearby motorcycle. Seebercon revved the engine, and they sped off, leaving the crows and the withered branches behind them.

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I liked that it was very intriguing and the
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