Monday, February 16, 2015

Light Warriors - Cosmic Battle - Part [2]

The frost curled around the wood, making it seem like the wood had turned blue. Ice spread across the glass panes. Vines and moss stuck to the spruce planks. A grim, dark graveyard with dark green grass stood on the plain icy land.

And yet it was possible for someone to live here.

The wind roared. No, it howled. It howled with such ferocity that some of the mighty spruce trees fell to the ground. The cloaked figure glided through the dark, stormy night. Yellow eyes peered out from under the dark brown cloak. A bang echoed through the night, followed by a dying whimper. A fox fell to the ground, unmarked and uninjured, expect for the fact that it was dead. No footprints followed this creature of darkness, and yet it moved smoothly towards the wooden shack. One of the windows had light coming out from it. The rest of the grim home was covered in a blanket of darkness. Suddenly, at the end of the lawn, there was a loud boom. A humongous block of metal rose into the sky. No, wait, was that really a chunk of metal? No, it was a cosmic cruiser, rising for one final journey through space. The hooded figure glided faster. He took out his scythe. The wind seemed to speak as the creature of darkness opened its mouth.


It took off. The engines glowed bright blue.


And the ship vanished into infinity, in a bright, sapphire blast.


The shimmering portal illuminated the damp, dark cave. What would happen when he went through? Where was the portal leading to? A thousand questions formed in his mind. Was this a death trap? Would he survive?  "Well," he thought. "You'll never find out if you never jump in." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and leapt in.

When he gained consciousness again, he was sitting on a bare metal floor. A majestic hall of - what was that? Silver? The portal behind him was still activated. A shiny, polished jewel floor and crystal chandeliers suggested that this place belonged to someone - or something - who had loads of luxurious items. He stood up. On a quartz table, he saw something that looked like a gun. He grabbed it and discovered that it was very heavy. "Good," He thought, "That must mean it's loaded." Having been raised in a world filled with monsters, where danger lurked around every corner, he had learned to keep a weapon on him at all times. This place though... On that world, he had been the last human in existence. The rest of the humans had been exterminated. He and his family had managed to live in peace for some years before one of the demons spotted him through the window and the house was attacked and they had been separated. The last he saw of his father was him going into the cave. And as for his mother.. after the attack, he had never seen her again.

He heard the sound of feet coming down the hall and he hid behind the table. He pulled out the gun. Expecting to see a horrifying beast, he put his finger on the trigger and fired. The thick, blue beam that came out of it shot with lightning speed and when he looked at what he had just shot he put his head in his hands. He had just shot an old man.

He looked at the smoking gun, now shining blue. He looked at it in a fury. He had probably just shot the last human being on earth, other than himself. He looked around frantically. He saw what looked like a spike with wings, and on those wings, different needles of different sizes were stuck there. Hearing more footsteps, having nowhere else to hide, he dived into the open hatch on the spike-plane thingy. This time, he saw the real monster. It must have been hunting this old man. The beast wasn't used to have spent so much time hunting something, and then to suddenly find its prey dead, on the floor of its own manor. Confused, it let out a weak roar.

Suddenly, he realized what this spike-plane was. He pressed a red button on the panel of buttons. The engines revved and at once he knew he had pressed the wrong button. He had meant to hit the fire button - but it looked like he had hit the start-the-ship button. He uttered a curse and took the steering stick. There were two red buttons on top of the two sticks, and he knew what they did. But just as he was about to fire at the demon that had turned his head to where he was hiding, the ship gave a mighty lurch and before he knew it, he had shot past the atmosphere of this planet and into open space.

Once he got used to the feeling of flying through space at about a million miles per hour, he started calming down. Suddenly, a radar screen on his right showed loads of red little dots. Even smaller dots came out of the larger dots and swirled around them. Every so often, a dot would glow white then red, white, and then red, until it grew huge and disappeared. He looked up through the glass and saw humongous star cruisers and starfighters shooting lasers at each other. "What the --?" He saw that some of the fighters were the same as his, and the other fighters were slightly different - they were blue and more heavily armed. Suddenly, two of the blue starfighters broke off from the battle and started flying towards him. They started firing at him, and he let his instincts take over. Fly up, Fly down, aim, fire, repeat. After about twenty seconds, both of the enemy starfighters lay in smoky debris. He started celebrating a little to early and his arm hit a faded yellow button that said:


Looking closer, he noticed it actually said:


"Oh, hell," he said as the fighter zoomed through space.

He got hit by lasers at least fifty times as the ship zoomed through the battle zone. Damaged and battered, it zoomed through space for at least two hours until he saw a brilliant grey moon. Then he realized he was speeding towards it. He tried to disable the autodrive for the millionth time, and was unsuccessful. He braced for impact and --

When he came to, there was a parachute covering him. He took it off and he stood up. The floor seemed like metal. He looked at this bare planet. He saw a trapdoor. He opened it up. A ladder made out of metal went deep down into the hole. He looked around at  this bare world. There was nothing except for this. If he didn't find food and water soon, he would perish on this lonely world. He dropped into the hole, and started climbing down the ladder.


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