Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top soundtracks 2

This is another top soundtracks post. These posts show most of my favorite soundtracks that I like to listen to whilst doing stuff. In fact, I'm listening to a few soundtracks right now! Sorry there isn't as much soundtracks as my last post, but I'll just try to do 5 on these posts. If you want me to do more soundtracks on each post, let me know! Hope you like electric music and techno, because if you do, let's go! Note: these are not in order from best to worst.

1: True Face

An amazing soundtrack by the amazing DJVI. This fast paced, awesomeness packed, soundtrack just makes you feel awesome.

2: Strikebeam

A fast, action packed soundtrack by Waterflame89. This futuristic music is the type of music that I like. It makes you feel like you have a lot of energy that you want to release. This futuristic, amazing music makes it to the top.

3: Andromeda  

I was watching DJVI's newest video,the DJVI MegaMix,(I was the 5th Viewer) then I saw this near the bottom of the page. I decided to check it out. And I was very lucky I did because now I can't stop listening to this soundtrack. I like it because it's just awesome.

4: Children
Robert Miles.

I first heard about this from my dad, who likes the same type of music that I do. Well, most of the time. But I'm betting he regretted showing it to me, because I use the computer to listen to it so often that he can't hear his music! I like the speed and rhythm of this soundtrack, and the fact that it has about 7 million views on YouTube just goes to show how awesome this is.


5: Flight

An amazing, amazing soundtrack from an amazing, amazing youtube channel. I listened to it once, and now I just can't get enough of it. One of the best things I ever heard. As I'm writing this, I'm actually listening to it. After listening to this soundtrack, you'll be longing to see more.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post on some of the top soundtracks! If you would like to see more of these soundtracks, please leave a comment saying what you think of the songs. Until next time,


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Chrislim said...

How about "Back on Track" ? my favourite from DJVI.